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Reset Game for Kids

Is your house ever so loud that you're about to either cry in the closet or lose your s**t and yell at all the beautiful, yet obnoxious humans that you created? Well, NEVER FEAR... I have a solution. As you can probably guess, my house is pretty chaotic. Between the 4 kids, 2 rowdy dogs, 2 cats and my own spicy brain, it's easy for things to get out of hand. The kids all feed off each other, and the louder it gets, the more they start grabbing at each other, wrestling around, throwing literally EVERYTHING, and bombarding everyone with nerf bullet showers. Oh, and the whining. The never ending, soul sucking whining that pierces my eardrums and makes my eye twitch. I'm certain you can relate.

Here's the solution and don't roll your eyes at me until you've actually tried it.

Print out the PDF down below. Cut out the cards and keep them handy. Get a whistle.

When all hell breaks loose, blow your whistle and startle them... this will pique their curiosity (someone will try to steal the whistle), so when you have their attention, have them all line up next to each other like basic training and explain the rules.

Make up whatever rules you want, but the premise is to get the kids hopping around like frogs and crab walking until they can't move or make any more noise.

Pick a card (or have the littlest one pick a card), show the pack and and blow your whistle. When they're done with their assigned reps, they have to sit silent, no noise.

Keep this going for at least 10 minutes. There's some science behind this as well. Physical movement is a perfect distraction from chaos and tantrums and noise because it brings their undeveloped brains back into their bodies and makes them focus.

Make it fun, pretend to be energetic, and start rating the moves. If mom is giving Sally a 6 for her frog jumps and Susie a 9, Sally is going to put forth more effort, plus it makes it more interesting. Interest = longer physical time before they get bored.

You can end it with a prize for the most compliant and willing participant if you like... my kids like to be able to decide what's for dinner or what activity we're going to do the next weekend, etc.

Good luck and Godspeed.


Exercise Activities for Kids
Download PDF • 2.10MB


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