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Grow Your Own Sprouts - Class Shopping List

Everything you need to start growing your own sprouts, microgreens, wheatgrass, etc for sandwiches, salads and wraps. Class starts Jan 31st at 6pm. Have the kids join in! You can register for free HERE. You are welcome to participate and decide if this is for you, or you can dive in beforehand and buy all the stuff to get started right away... I've created an article below that links all the items that I use.

First, you need to decide what you would like to grow first. Microgreens are simply the immature version of a full grown vegetable plant, so you're getting the vitamins and minerals you would get from a mature plant, with the ability to grow them year round and indoors.

When you're looking for seeds to spout, make sure you are buying food grade seeds. You don't want to grab a bag of bird see that's been chemically treated. Amazon has a great selection of seeds to sprout, you just need to decide the variety. Pea shoots, alfalfa, cabbage, Broccoli and Sunflower are all great beginner microgreens.

Here are a few links to my favorites that I buy over and over again.

Now, let's decide HOW you want to grow your sprouts. You can decide to grow them on a tray, or you can grow them in a mason jar. Both are quite easy. I first started growing them on trays, because I wanted the kids to have a better visual to what was happening. For super tiny seeds, you will need to have planting paper on the trays (to keep the seeds from falling through), but that's an inexpensive fix. If you go the mason jar route, you can likely use materials you already have, and will only need to buy the seeds. A quart mason jar, a double layer of cheesecloth and a rubber band will be sufficient until you decide if you want to keep going with this.

Here are some of the links to purchase Trays, Planting Paper, Draining lids for jars (if you don't want to use cheesecloth) and jar stands (to keep the water from sitting in the jar).

I don't have these, but it's the jar lid that works as a stand, so it kills two birds with one stone. I'm definitely ordering. Jar Lids with Stands

If you don't want to use plastic lids, here's a steel mesh option.

And lastly, if you want to make things super easy, here is a whole kit in one purchase. This would be an inexpensive way to dive in and see how you like it, and only spend about $20. Sprouting Kit

During the class, we'll go over a lot of the benefits of eating sprouts and microgreens, some things to watch for, and break down how much money you're saving by feeding your family homegrown greens year round. If you can, have the kiddos watch with you! It may pique their interest by showing the greens at different stages (instead of plopping some tiny plants on their sandwich and hoping for the best) and there's nothing better than getting kids involved in their own food and health.

I'll see you Jan 31st at 6pm Central time. If you can't make the live class, you can still register and I will send you the class materials and video link at completion.

Link to Register HERE

Lots of Love,


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