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Goal Setting for Families

Last year, my oldest had a meltdown because he wasn't being heard. In hindsight, he was totally correct... with the demands of 3 other (younger) children, it's really easy to focus on their needs and not really listen to what he had to say. My perspective changed that day, and I knew I needed to make sure that every kid was heard, that they knew I was paying attention, and that I had to slow down, be in the present moment and focus on the little humans that were being created right in front of me.

What does this have to do with Goal Setting? While I have a ton of different tips and tricks for truly hearing the kids (this is a different blog for a different day), the yearly goal setting is a killer way to create an awesome year of events and adventures that everyone can look forward to. The key here is to sit down with everyone and brainstorm each topic, and make sure you ask each individual for their input. If you have a lot of kids like me, each child may need to pare down their bucket lists and adventure ideas... or if you're super ambitious, you can add them all! I know for us, logistically it would not be possible to do 4 bucket list trips in one year, but we could do one trip and have several bucket list items within the trip... etc etc.

Check out the PDF download below that I created for you... It can help direct the conversation and keep everyone on track. I'd recommend starting with a blank sheet of paper for brainstorming first, and then use the PDF to write your final ideas. You can hang this in a common area of your home so that they kids see it every day. Seeing it constantly will also add some urgency to your goals... don't put it in a drawer only to pull it out next November having done nothing. Make a plan and stick to it... the kids will remember all the adventures and talk about them for years to come!

I added a section for new traditions and this is a no pressure area... I think traditions are great if everyone likes them and has fun, but if something bombs, there's no reason to do it again. Think of this section as "Traditions Trial" and have everyone come up with something they think will be awesome. Example: I take each of the kids on a small birthday trip each year (just myself and the birthday kid). This is one of the traditions that has stuck and everyone looks forward to it. Some of our other ideas have flopped. It's ok to keep testing and trying new things.

I also added a section for Skills to Learn Together. There are sooooo many free resources to learn new things on the internet... for example: my oldest is teaching himself german via a free app. We have a goal of practicing martial arts in our gym downstairs and are going to use free youtube videos to guide us. Hunter and I just started learning to crochet (also youtube). Blake wants to try out breakdancing (there's a free course we found). It seems to me that learning something fun and interesting beats a movie night any day... don't you think?

The section for Wild Adventure Ideas is just that! Let those little minds come up with some CRAZY ideas and just go with it... brainstorm the best way to execute, plan (and make sure you're doing it safely) and go for it! Examples - do an inflatable T-Rex costume photoshoot at a beach. Build a real igloo and attempt to winter camp in it overnight. Build a Ninja Warrior course in your basement (we're doing this now!). Get crazy and weird and wild and fun... you can always come down to reality with the execution, but the initial idea is still there, and each kid will remember that they came up with it and it was the best day ever.

Lastly, the Word of the Year and Family Mantra sections are daily reminder of the overall goal for every year... and isn't that to feel more connected and happy with each other? So your word could be "adventure" or "fun" or "Considerate" or "Play" or "Kindness", etc etc etc. You can use this word to remind everyone to get back on track when things go off course (and they will!). Family Mantras can be anything from an inspirational quote, to a book excerpt, to something you already say all the time.

Some examples:

Happiness is Homemade

Healthy body, Happy Mind

Relax from Toes to Nose

Attitudes are Contagious. Make yours worth catching.

Choose something that fosters a Team Mentality. You are all a team working to check off all your goals, so everyone needs to contribute and participate. Ask your kids what changes they would like to see within the family dynamic and see if that inspires any quote ideas.

My goal for this PDF and blog post is to inspire other families to live more intentionally and take the time to slow down and enjoy each other. This season of life may be pure chaos, but you're not going to look back on this time wishing you had spent more time at work... put the time into create some good memories.

Lots of Love,


2022 Family Goals
Download PDF • 74KB

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