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Choose your Plan

  • Home Workouts 5x/wk

    Every month
    Perfect for busy moms who want to workout at home
    • 5 bodyweight style workouts per week.
  • Dinner Prep Plan

    Every month
    5 Prep Ahead Family Dinners each week
    • Shopping Lists, Instructions and Live Video once per week.
  • Best Value

    Meal Prep + Workouts

    Every month
    Best Value for Meal Prep Guidance and Home Workouts
    • Shopping List/Instructions/Video for 5 Dinner Prep Meals/wk
    • 5 Home Bodyweight Workouts (video) per week
  • Online Training

    Every month
    Customized Workouts to Meet Your Goals
    • 5 Custom Workouts/Week
    • Monthly Coaching/Goal Setting Call
    • Access to Weekly Meal Prep Materials
    • Access to Weekly Home Workouts
    • Choose from Gym Workouts or Home, with or without equipment.
  • FREEBIES Membership

    Join for Access to ALL Free Resources
    Free Plan
    • Recipes
    • Workouts
    • Meal Prep Hacks
    • Lifestyle Resources
    • Motherhood Downloads and Resources
    • Challenges
    • Six Figure Moms Resources
    • Sustainability Resources
    • Family Fun

You will be required to sign a release of liability waiver for any and all exercise plans you choose to participate it. Due to the nature of exercise, there is some risk involved and you are signing that you will not take any legal action against Emily Adams of any of her entities. You exercise at your own risk. Emily is not a registered dietician and her meal prep recipes should not be interpreted as a prescribed meal plan. Please make sure you consult your medical provider before starting this or any other health and fitness plan.

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